Faceboook Ads

What is Facebook Advertising?

Facebook is not only the largest but the most popular social networking site in the world since its establishment in 2004. The sheer marketing reach and consistent exponential growth breeds life into a new form of pay-per-click advertising known as Facebook Advertising. Using a pay-per-click platform, Facebook provides a change in conventional targeting methods and expands the reach of advertisers into a completely separate social media market! With over 800 million active users, Facebook Advertising boasts a vast and untapped market.

Why Use Facebook Advertising?

Whether you are building your brand, likes or simply selling products, Facebook Advertising is a great way to delve into the new and luscious potential of social media. As a PPC platform on social media as opposed to search engines, it allows for a few unique differences such as an image in your advertising, more lines of text, and most importantly, demographic targeting (age, sex, marital status, and more). Reach a new market with Facebook Advertising!

Why Choose AdVisible?

As one of the first advertising firms to embrace Facebook Advertising, AdVisible have proven to be a driving force in understanding and utilizing marketing trends and rapid changes within the online industry. Our years of experience and knowledge perpetually prove to be a corner stone in capitalising on the most promising methods of online marketing.

Facebook Advertising allows you to target:

        Age Group
        Marital Status
        Likes & Interests
        And More!

For more information on our Facebook advertising services, or to learn more about our Facebook developers and how they can help you develop Facebook competitions, tabs, and apps, please contact us today.